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  Round 1: Applied in Early April or Late March (weather depending) this application is designed to control annual grasses such as large or smooth crabgrass along with a small variety of broadleaf weeds, before they germinate. Application timing and weather conditions are crucial for this application because every season’s germination time is different. 

Round 2: Applied in Early May, this application helps control a very large variety of broadleaf weeds before they establish themselves. Unlike the application above this is not a pre-emergent and requires the weeds to be actively growing to take effect.  

Round 3: Applied in Early July,  this application is a basic turf feeding that will help your turf fill in and grow stronger to combat the weeds that may try to sprout in the up-coming months.  

Round 4: Applied in mid August, this application will continue to promote good turf health during a very stressful period of the Michigan growing season. Usually a lower amount of nitrogen and increased amount of Phosphorus and Potassium are included in this application to prevent burning and encourage root growth during one of the hottest months of the season. 

Round 5: Applied in Mid to late September (Weather depending) this application will help control some of the broadleaf weeds that have managed to find their way into your lawn during the stressful part of our Michigan summer when they are most susceptible to the control chemicals and the risks of damaging the turf with control products are vary minimal due to reduced temperatures and higher moisture levels our September brings.  

Round 6: Applied in Mid November (Weather depending) This application has been argued by professionals as the most important Application for your turf of the season. When applied at the right time it enables the grass to absorb a large amount of nutrients for the winter dormancy and provides a healthier quicker green up in the Spring.

 Weed Control During the beginning months of the season, we will apply a pre-emergent and post- emergent herbicide mix to control annual broadleaf weeds and to prevent germination of summer annual grasses such as crabgrass. We currently provide a 6 application program. The program starts with crabgrass pre-emergent and fertilizer (applied in April). The second application is a broadleaf weed control and fertilizer (applied around Memorial Day). The next two applications are straight turf food (applied around the fourth of July and again around Labor Day). Then another broadleaf weed control and fertilizer is applied in October or late September when weeds are most susceptible to control chemicals. The final application is a Winterizer that is applied to the grass when top growth is almost non-existent just before it goes dormant. The final application many scientists believe is the most important because the grass is not using its nutrients to grow any longer and instead will use them to build root structure and store the surplus until it can begin its growing cycle again in spring. Appling a Winterizer at the right time is crucial to a healthier greener start up in the spring. I must stress that it is not any single application that your lawn benefits from it is the entire program as a whole that will beautify your lawn. The best and most productive weed control is strengthening your grass and making it thicker so the weeds do not have room to compete. Pesticides are used at label rates and applied with techniques tested by the Michigan State cooperative extension service.  The first season we apply an herbicide to your lawn, you will not have a completely weed free lawn.  You will notice a significant decrease in weed competition in your lawn. It will be a combination of the entire landscape management program that will truly improve the look of your turf grass.
ennis Alderman
                                                                                                         Lawn Maintenance Supervisor

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