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   As you can see Shoemaker Services has an abundance of snow removal equipment. In the winter months we monitor the weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are usually aware of a storm 48 hours before it arrives. As soon as we become aware of a weather system our crews are notified of the approaching system and we begin testing and maintaining our equipment for optimal performance. We also keep back-up vehicles and tools on hand to ensure that if a problem does occur we can still provide our customers with the reliable service they are accustom to.
Snow Plowing

   Snow plowing begins at the designated accumulation level that your contract states. S.S.I. offers multiple contracts that range from 1 to 4 depending on the needs of our customers. The most common contract begins at 2. With this contract we will be measuring snow depths before the accumulation even gets to the plowing point. When accumulations do reach the plow point you can be sure that we will arrive on site immediately if we are not already there. The entire contracted area will be plowed completely and thoroughly after accumulation requirements are met and return services will be provided every 3 to 4 inches of accumulation.

Salt & Chloride Applications
   Our sister company Michigan Landscape Supply offers a full range of ice melting products and keeps the yard stocked at all times. This enables us to provide what we feel is the most timely salting service this industry has to offer. When a storm is approaching we will load our many salting vehicles with the ice melting products our contracts require before it is time to salt. This way when the time does arrive to salt all we have to do is drive to the site and begin our work. Salting occurs when less than 2 of snow accumulates, after plowing and when icy conditions occur. We feel this is the most important part of our job as snow contractors.
More on Snow Plowing

   If the storm produces enough snow that we reach the 3 to 4 mark before the first plowing is completed and the contract dictates so, than the driver(s) will not leave the site until the storm is over. Scheduled return services will be provided for customers that have parking areas that will need to be cleared after vehicles have been moved. The cooperation of the entire community is required for this service to ensure the best plowing possible and proper snow placement.

Snow Shoveling
   If it is included in your contract, the areas designated as walkways to be cleared will be cleared by use of shovel, snow blower or power broom either during or immediately after we perform our plowing service. In the event that a snow storm produces levels of snow over 6 walkways will be cleared after the storm is over and all accumulation has stopped unless the client is a business that is open during the storm.
Snow Patios & Decks

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