Nourish Your Grass Without All The Effort

Install a sprinkler system designed just for your yard

Your plants need plenty of water if you want them to thrive. But that doesn't mean you have to walk around with a garden hose every weekend. With a custom sprinkler system from Shoemaker Services, Inc., you can keep every plant in your yard watered and healthy.

From controllers and sensors to valves and rotors, we can install every part of your system. We'll use state-of-the-art Hunter and Rain Bird products to build a reliable irrigation system that will last for years. Get started designing your sprinkler system by calling us today.

Not all sprinkler systems are alike

Not all sprinkler systems are alike

You might think one sprinkler system is as good as any other. But Shoemaker Services can help you make the most of your irrigation setup. We will...

  • Make sure your sprinklers cover every inch of your property so no plants are left out to dry
  • Create custom zones to provide varying amounts of water to different areas
  • Install gentle sprinklers to help water delicate flower beds without damaging plants

Build an irrigation system that works for your yard. Contact us at 810-629-8600 to arrange for a consultation.