Keep Your Yard Lush And Green

Arrange for dedicated lawn maintenance services

Your plants are always growing, which means they need regular care to look their best and remain healthy. If you don't have the time or energy, Shoemaker Services, Inc. can help.

You can hire us for weekly or biweekly lawn mowing, regular shrub and tree trimming and seasonal yard cleanup services. We can also keep your flower beds healthy by removing weeds and dead flowers. Make sure your yard stays beautiful all year long by calling us today for lawn maintenance services.

Prepare your grass for healthy growth

Prepare your grass for healthy growth

Want to help your grass grow as lush and green as possible? Take advantage of our 6-step fertilizer program. Our process works like this:

  1. We'll apply fertilizer in late March to early April to help control weeds like crabgrass
  2. Our second round of fertilizer is applied in early May to help keep late-sprouting weeds from growing
  3. In early July, we'll apply a simple turf feeder to help your grass fill in bare spots and fight off new weed growth
  4. Our mid-August application will continue to keep your turf healthy and prevent burning during the hottest time of year
  5. From mid- to late-September, our application will help remove and control the weeds that thrive in hot summer conditions
  6. The last application occurs in mid-November to help your grass absorb nutrients and prepare for winter

Our program will help fortify your grass against weeds and harsh weather conditions. With continuous treatment, you can rest assured that your grass will stay healthy. Contact us at 810-629-8600 to get started.